Leadership Structure

We affirm the calling of both men and women to leadership positions of the Church and adopt the Pentecostal Faith and Message.

The Church's decisions are determined by the congregation directly or via elected lay leaders. Four main groups (the Committee of Elders, the Board of Trustees, the Church Administration Team, and Staff) work together to lead and oversee the work of the Church. In addition, there are a number of volunteer teams which support that effort.

The Committee of Elders is composed of 7-10 individuals and is charged with promoting harmony and Christian fellowship among the entire membership and encouraging church members in individual devotions, stewardship, and cooperative public worship.

The Board of Trustees consists of five members and act as the legal representatives of the Church in matters concerning the Church property, subject to the direction of the Church.

The Church Administration Team coordinates the ministries and management of the church.

The Administration Team has the authority to hire, set the terms of the employment, and terminate the employment of administrative and support staff. Membership of the Church Administration Team consists of:
  • Representatives of Personnel matters, Finance matters, and Premises matters;
  • The Chair of the Committee of Elders;
  • A delegate from the Board of Trustees;
  • Ministry representatives (Christian Education, Small Groups, and the Child Development Center);