About Us

Our Mission:
Inviting people to discover a life of purpose and passion through Christ.

Our Strategy: Worship, serve, grow, connect.

We Value:
  • Embracing Community: We reach out, welcome, and include our neighbours.
  • Journeying Together: We seek authentic relationships, supporting each other in our quest for God.
  • Putting Faith into Action: We challenge and prepare each other to participate, lead, and partner with others in God's service.
  • Commitment to God's Word: We anchor ourselves in God's truth and love.
We Are Becoming People Who:
  • Worship in Community
  • Read, Pray, and Listen to God Every Day
  • Walk the Talk with Friends
  • Exercise Spiritual Gifts
  • Serve and Give Generously
  • Reach Out, Invite, and Show the Way
Our Vision: To be a training ground for God?s disciples, preparing us to live out our faith.

Church History

Humble Beginning and Growth: Twenty-three members organized our church in 2007 as the First Fire of Evangelism Pentecostal Church. Our physical growth, congregations, and ministry connections through the years tell the story of our history. Our first location was a School Compound Located at No 6 Jones Street, Kissy. We acquired our present parsonage in 2017 and built a new House of worship for the Lord.

The Fire of Evangelism and Miracle Ministries was borne-out of the community need for the presence of God and his divine help. Jones Street where the church started is a market area in eastern part (kissy) of Freetown Sierra Leone. This area is crowded with all kinds of people especially wild and unreligious. On a daily occurrence, there are fighting, using of abusive languages and other forms of ungodly attitude been displayed here. Prophet Valicious Bunting has been attach to one of the bigger Churches in Freetown, Sierra Leone as Associate Pastor. He came to this kissy market area on an evangelism tour and saw what was really needed in the community.

He started the Ministry as a home cell and prayer group. The lord started doing mighty things in this Home Cell/Prayer group. It became known as the Tabernacle of Solutions. So named because of the effective prayers that were been said and answered right in this place. Three years later, the people requested a permanent solution to build their spiritual needs.

As there was no permanent structure for the Ministry, the church started in school compound at Jones Street, Kissy in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Now the Ministry has a new building at Back Street, Kissy and a branch at Allen Town in the Eastern part of Freetown, Sierra Leone. Our Ministry is a Pentecostal with a doctrine of sanctification and fire baptism.