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The Fire of Evangelism and Miracle Ministries is a Pentecostal church located in an urban neighborhood at Kissy, Back Street in Eastern Freetown. We are a group of imperfect people journeying together in pursuit of loving the Lord, each other, and our community more fully. The church's beliefs most closely align with the Pentecostal Doctrine of Sanctification and Fire baptism. That's the simplest way to describe our beliefs, but our church attendees come from a wide variety of faith backgrounds, some outside Christianity. We celebrate the diversity of spiritual opinions in our church and encourage open discussion in a loving atmosphere as guided by the Holy Spirit. Church members and attendees describe our church as a down-to- earth and welcoming place that "feels like home." The church averages 115 attendees at our weekly worship services at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays. A small portion of the congregation are visitors and short-term residents, with some living in the area for only a few months or weeks.

A larger portion of the congregation grew up in this area and have lived there all their lives. The church location lends itself to many new visitors every Sunday morning. Many church members make a Sunday commute from the old location where the church was located to the present location at Back Street. The church is largely led by pastors and elected lay leaders, including the Committee of Elders, a Board of Trustees, and the Church Administration Team, which consists of representatives from groups working on various aspects of church life, such as Pastors and education. Though we have a limited staff at present, we have typically engaged five full-time employees and a part-time worship leader, and our passionate congregation extends our reach to help us accomplish a great deal for the community. The church has many denominational and community connections. The church is part of the Partners of Hope, Minister's Prayers Forum and the International Christian Movement. The church maintain a benevolence fund to help members of the congregation in need and contribute monthly to various community groups. In 2017, the church moved from the classroom compound where it was hosted for more than six years to the new building that is situated at Back Street. The new church was built and completed in 2017 as a multi-use structure sanctuary place of worship.